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On June 6th, join TEDxYouth@Brambleton 2020 Conference: “A House Divided”


It cannot be denied that growing up in the 21st Century, has included certain obstacles that were never present in generations before. The increasing levels of globalization coupled with the advent of social media has deemed adolescence more than just an awkward period in one’s life; but a public one. Not only this, but perhaps the most prominent growth in our world regarding sociocultural norms has been in civil liberties, advocacy, and individualism during a time where maintaining unity seems prudent. With new social-norms bombarding the previously solid products of generational differences, the teen experience today cannot possibly summed up in a phrase, but by a plethora of advances towards finding the equilibrium between finding oneself in this ever-connected world, while not closing oneself off to learning through new experiences. This equilibrium must be found if we want the generations that follow us not to make feel our same awkward, fidgety struggles, leading the TEDxYouth@Brambleton team to create our topic: “The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of the 21st Century Teen Experience” for this year’s conference!

Event Details

June 6th

Brambleton Middle School